Shelby Lyons & Brian Wells

1997 U.S. Nationals Long Program

1997 U.S. Nationals Long Program © Photo by J. Barry Mittan

Shelby Lyons and Brian Wells were a talented U.S. pairs team. They were second at the 1998 U.S. Nationals, and they took the place of Kyoko Ina and Jason Dungjen at 1998 Worlds after Ina & Dungjen withdrew due to injury at the last minute. Shelby and Brian came in tenth.

Unfortunately, they broke up after Worlds. Shelby has since competed in ladies and pairs, while Brian is now attending college.

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1997 Skate Canada

My own 1997 Skate America pictures

1997 Skate America

1997 U.S. Nationals

My own 1996 Skate America pictures

1996 Worlds

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